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A note from Bronwyn Hancock: This note is just to ensure that all credit goes to Dr Viera Scheibner for the enormous amount of time and effort that she put into collecting and studying over 100,000 pages of medical research (before we had the internet!), that is the source of much of the medical (particularly the older) research referenced in those articles on this site that have been written by me. What I do on this site is try to summarise the knowledge gained from that extensive (and other) research into easy-to-read articles.

Step number one is to learn what is in vaccines.

Would you allow someone you don't know to inject something you don't know into your, your child's or your pet's body?

Vaccine Ingredients
The damage, including brain damage, resulting from these toxins can vary from mild enough not to be apparent, through to severe, in some cases death.

- Bronwyn Hancock - January 2002

Vaccine Adjuvants

Adjuvants are chemical substances which are added to vaccines to "boost" immune response, but many of them are known to cause a range of serious side-effects.

- Dr Viera Scheibner - Written for Nexus Magazine (December 2000-January 2001 and February-March 2001 issues (this article divided into Parts 1 and 2 respectively))

So will these poisons really be protective?

If you're going to allow these injections of poisons, you will need to have some pretty solid scientific evidence that they will do the opposite of what common sense would lead you to expect.

Do vaccines protect against diseases at all?
Article demonstrating the ineffectiveness of vaccines and explaining the reasons for their ineffectiveness. Check out the very significant update added 16th July 2004!!
- Bronwyn Hancock - January 1999

Major problems with the vaccine procedure
Another article about why the theory behind vaccination is flawed.
- Bronwyn Hancock - July 2003

Comment on 2009-2011 news: Lessons from whooping cough epidemics
The resistance of theory to reality, which repeatedly shows vaccination to be counterproductive.
- Bronwyn Hancock - January 2009, last updated September 2011

And should we even be trying to prevent specific diseases?

Preventing Disease
Response to statement by Australian Homoeopathic Association on Homoeopathic Prophylaxis
- Bronwyn Hancock December 1998

Information on some specific vaccines.

'Flu shots

Your best chance of getting your worst ever case of the 'flu.
- Bronwyn Hancock  Jan 2004

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

A vaccine that is claimed to prevent cancer is causing damage that is a precursor to cancer?

- Bronwyn Hancock Aug 2007

Meningococcal C Vaccination

A vaccination program now occurring in Australia (in 2003-2004) which blatantly, and on an enormous scale, violates the Nuremberg Code - it is indisputably a mass experiment without your informed consent, and involving an already demonstrated highly problematic vaccine.

- Bronwyn Hancock Nov 2003

Pneumococcal Vaccination

Newborns from six to eight weeks old in several "developed" countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and, from 4th September 2006, the UK, are now subjected to yet another vaccine that for some is fatal, which is the new pneumococcal vaccine, Prevenar.

- Bronwyn Hancock Apr 2005

Polio Vaccination. Perhaps the most repeatedly asked question is: "But what about polio?"
We have ALL been repeatedly told that vaccination saved the world from polio, and we have all believed this. So of course no-one would believe that vaccination is ineffective without having researched this subject. Here is the truth: in summary, and in full.
- Bronwyn Hancock Oct 2004


Tetanus and Polio Vaccines
Some facts for parents who are worried about these diseases.
- Dr Viera Scheibner - Extract from The Informed Parent (TIP) magazine (Jan 1998)

Tetanus Vaccination  
- Bronwyn Hancock - Expanded in August 2003 from piece written for (and published in) New Vegetarian and Natural Health (Winter 2002)

Smallpox Vaccination. The excuses for vaccines failing and causing the diseases go right to the beginning of the vaccine industry.   
- Bronwyn Hancock - December 2001         

Vitamin K (given at birth).

Vitamin K
Is this really safe and necessary?
- Bronwyn Hancock Oct 2003

Specific articles on some of the real effects of vaccines.

- Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock Feb 2001

The culprit behind asthma and allergies: Vaccination
- Bronwyn Hancock April 2000

Dynamics of Critical Days as Part of the Dynamics of Non-specific Stress Syndrome Discovered During Monitoring with Cotwatch Breathing Monitor

This article, published in the Journal of ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) in Dec 2004 contains the historic results of research into babies’ breathing conducted by Dr Viera Scheibner and the late Leif Karlsson (a biomedical electronics engineer) with Cotwatch breathing monitor, developed by Leif at Dr Scheibner's suggestion in 1985/86. It was these results that first alerted Dr Scheibner to the toxic and sometimes lethal nature of vaccines, and provoked her to begin her in-depth research of the whole subject of vaccination.

- Dr Viera Scheibner 2004

Comments on Japanese SIDS Rebuttal
Response to the Australian Skeptics' criticism of Dr Scheibner's analysis of the Japanese data in relation to cot death and infant mortality (see )

- Dr Viera Scheibner

Shaken Baby Syndrome - The Vaccination Link
Many infants who suffer from so-called 'shaken baby syndrome' may be victims of undiagnosed vaccine damage. The result can be incarceration of a parent effectively for doing no more than submitting to vaccinating their child. There is no existing evidence that shaking a baby can even cause these injuries.
- Dr Viera Scheibner 1998

Examples: Alan Yurko is incarcerated in Florida, and Alejandro Mendez Vargas, who in his state (Pennsylvania) could be facing the death penalty. Visit their sites to learn more and support them.

Also note: If your government department responsible for child welfare suspects (note: suspects, NOT proves) you of harming your child, ALL your children can be taken off you, and you'll have to fight hard to get them back. When you signed the (Australian) Marriage Act 1961 (or similar in your country), you unknowingly gave such power to the State. (If you wish you can get divorced and then married again under common law.)


Vaccine Damage Frequency and Stories

So many stories have been recounted by parents about the effects, often very immediate, on their previously healthy normal children of vaccines that presenting just a few here might not do justice to showing the numbers. I think it is just as effective for us to point to the summarised stories recorded on VAERS, at Note how the VAERS files are greatly increasing in size each year - so don't let anyone tell you that they have made the vaccines safer in more recent years.

This Swiss site: has also been set up as a place on which people can record adverse effects. Until recently the site was only in German, so the adverse effects to date (July 2010) have only been reported by people living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but now it is in English and we encourage all who have experienced an adverse effect from vaccination (in themselves or their child) to report it here:

I would defy anyone to read the sequence of events in these cases and prove that the vaccines received were not responsible for their effects, including death, most of which deaths were recorded as SIDS. (Yet we continue to be subjected to "reassurance" that vaccines do not cause cot death!)

So then, how frequent are vaccine reactions? The "CSV File, VAERS data" file for 2006 has a total of 17,434 reports for the US. The number of births each year in the US is about 3,750,000. 17,434/3,750,000 is 4.6 in 1000, so that is the approximate chance of there being an adverse event report for any given individual. We then need to make a significant adjustment in order to establish the risk of a reaction actually occurring, whether or not it is reported, which is this:

Sandy Mintz informs us that: "Former FDA commissioner David Kessler has said that it is thought 1% of serious drug reactions are reported to the FDA.  A vaccine manufacturer testified that in their experience, a passive system (which is what VAERS is) results in around 2%.   ...Parents are being told by their doctors that even deaths within hours are not related, and are being discouraged from filing reports."

Further to that, there are the longer term effects, such as the delayed, or gradual development of, auto-immune diseases, or cancer (e.g. mesothelioma, multiple myeloma or other cancers caused by the SV40 monkey virus that we know is still contaminating polio vaccines.) The above figures, even the greater number of reactions that go unreported to which David Kessler was referring, would most likely not take these into account. My mother died of multiple myeloma which may well have been caused by a polio vaccine that she had when she was younger, but no doctor even thought of investigating that. Even if they did think of it, what would motivate them to suggest the possibility or investigate it?

To report an adverse event after vaccination in Australia, click here, where you need to go to section 1.5.2, which has all the information you need and links to forms that need to be filled in. You no longer have to be a medical doctor to report adverse events after vaccination, so we strongly encourage you to report adverse events to try to prevent the government using a lack of reports as an excuse to falsely claim that adverse events are rare.

"Well, my child's had lots of vaccines and he/she's fine."

Many parents find it hard to believe that vaccines can be so dangerous (for their own children, anyway), because in the case of their own particular vaccinated children, they seem to them to be fine. This reasoning may seem logical on the surface but there are some important facts (apart from the ineffectiveness of vaccines) of which they are not aware or mindful and which need to be considered:

Why no vaccination is ever safe

- Bronwyn Hancock

Is vaccination really what nature/God intended?

Vaccination and Religion

- Bronwyn Hancock

Your fully defendable right to refuse vaccines and choose your health care.

Your rights in respect to vaccination

- Bronwyn Hancock Dec 2003

Your freedom of choice in health care is now being directly violated! Act NOW!

Another wholistic doctor has just been deregistered in September '04! This article is not specifically related to vaccination but to the freedom of doctors to practice alternative health care, and hence your freedom to obtain it.

Travel Vaccinations.

Travel Vaccinations, including yellow fever
Travellers are usually incorrectly informed that they need vaccines for overseas travel. There are only a few countries where there is a theoretical requirement for vaccination certificates, and even then you can get around this.
- Bronwyn Hancock Feb 2006


'Immunisation' Against Diseases for Children
Submission to the Australian Capital Territory Government, covering the whole subject of
vaccination, in response to a public invitation to make submissions.
- Bronwyn Hancock May 1997

The robust health of vaccine-free children (like the child pictured)
Are you aware of the damage done by vaccines but are still pressured by a fear of the unknown? Learn about and observe for yourself how much healthier these poison-free children are. If you are reading this in time, you too can experience the joy of having "organically grown" children.

- Bronwyn Hancock December 2003

The History of Health - vaccination & other assaults on our immune systems 

This interesting chronology, compiled by Val Valerian, shows how and why the world's population has come to be inflicted with increasing numbers of vaccines even though they have never worked and have only been a health disaster. Only limited references are included, but many can be found on the internet (and elsewhere).

Further relevant note: In a recent Irish case (Best v Wellcome Foundation) the judge ruled that it was a bad batch of the whooping cough vaccine that caused the victim to develop permanent brain damage. Mrs Best located and presented to court the company's internal memo stating that one particular batch of the three in one vaccine given to her son was a particularly reactogenic batch with a directive not to send all of it to the same area but disperse it so that there is no clustering of deaths and other serious side effects. Similarly, after four infants died of SIDS in Tennessee in 1979 within 24 hours of the administration of Wyeth’s DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) vaccine, Wyeth adopted a policy of sending only small batches to widely dispersed geographical areas, so if a batch caused serious adverse reactions, their statistical impact would be reduced.

For another article that explains how and why governments do not just tolerate, but even work closely with an industry that behaves like this, see The Ghost Lobby - New Labour and the Pharmaceutical Industry (This particular article focuses primarily on the UK government but the same principle applies of course to the US and other governments.). Here is another example: Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action

Doctors' Strikes Lower Death Rate
Some articles which summarise the effect of our "health" system on the community.

What Logic Dictates about Vaccines
A look at the subject of vaccination from the perspective of basic reasoning.


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