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Other Vaccination DVDs

Who's Afraid of Tinus? Tinus Smits is a successful homeopathic doctor in Holland. In this documentary Tinus explains how he came to see that vaccines have chronic side effects and parents of ill (and formerly ill) children tell their experience with vaccines and the treatment by Tinus. Not surprisingly, given his success and prominence, he has been required to appear in front of the regional medical disciplinary tribunal, a story also told in the documentary.

Other Vaccination Information Sites


Dr Viera Scheibner

Vaccination Information Serving Australia

Vaccine Answers Informed Sources

Vaccination Debate

Australian Vaccination Network


Immunisation Awareness Society


The One Click Group

The Informed Parent

Whale Vaccine Website

British Anti-Vivisection Association

Vaccine Awareness Network



European Forum on Vaccine Vigilance

Association Liberté Information Santé

Dutch Pro-Choice

Finnish Pro-Choice Organisation (for info relevant to the Irish Government's attempt to give Gardasil to 12 yr olds)


Vaccination Risk Awareness Network

International Advocates for Health Freedom

The Eagle Foundation

Herbrep Vaccine Links

U.S. (in alphabetical order)

Arizona Vaccine Information Network

Dr Tim O'Shea

Duffy's Law

Gary Null's Action File

Health World Online

Holistic Pediatric Association

Kids are People Too!


National Vaccine Information Center

New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice

People Advocating Vaccine Education

Tetrahdedron Publishing Group

Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute

US Food and Drug Administration Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Vaccination Information and Choice Network

Vaccination Information Internet Resources

Vaccination Liberation

Vaccination News

Vaccine Information and Awareness

Vaccine Truth

Why Vaccination Continues

We (V.I.S.) focus on what is documented in medical research about the failure (rather the counterproductivity) of vaccination and its adverse effects, this being easily verifiable published scientific research, and we do not focus as much on why it continues in spite of all of this, though we do have various books available (written by others) on the commercial industry and politics behind vaccination. If you would like to do more research into why vaccination is promoted, you might also be interested in these sites:

Truth News Radio (Australia based)

Alex Jones' Info Wars (US based)


Nexus Magazine


World Psychology - scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Cry of the Heart-The Medical Insanity of Vaccines


David Icke - particularly Global Governance and Medical Archives sections



Other Assistance for Pregnancy and the Early Years

Earth Friendly Products for pregnancy, birth and babies (based in Australia).

Natural Baby Products Shopping site offering parents a great choice of natural pregnancy, baby and child toiletries (based in the UK).


Awareness, Management and/or Reversal of Some Vaccine Effects

What has been found to be very effective tool for evaluating and countering vaccine damage is the Listen System, in which evaluation is performed by electrodermal screening. We suggest that you might like to search for a good alternative practitioner (or progressive medical doctor) in your local area that uses this system. Try a search on "Listen system" and electrodermal and <perhaps your country or local area?> on the Web. (This was what in the end worked for me, and in other cases of which I have since become aware, so it's the first thing I recommend for others - Bronwyn.)

The Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation is a tax-deductible gift recipient which actively supports vaccination awareness research and education and is committed to raising public awareness of ‘natural health options’ available to individuals to enable them to make ‘informed choices’, and therefore, empower them to become ‘pro-active’ in their healing. Its services are not limited to people with cancer, and extend to anyone interested in taking a active role in their health and well-being.

As a holistic organization, it seeks to provide an understanding of ‘health and well-being’ from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective incorporating also environmental factors that impinge on health.

Autism help - very comprehensive, covering many topics related to autism.

The Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center may assist, needless to say, arthritis sufferers

MCS-GLOBAL - Global Campaign for Recognition of MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY/Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illnesses, chemical injury & other chemically induced illnesses & diseases affecting civilians & military personnel. provides a chat site, forum and research facilities for the sufferers and carers of chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

The James Method is a method for overcoming asthma.

Friends with Cancer (located on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia) is a life coaching, counselling and educational facility for those who are seeking to prevent or recover from cancer.

Your One-Stop Natural Remedy Shop. The owners of this website state: "This website is dedicated to bringing you stellar quality and the very most effective health remedy products available anywhere. If you are just looking for ordinary, standard, run-of-the-mill products or cheap imitations, you will need to take your search elsewhere."

General Health

The Natural Health Society of Australia is an excellent source of information on natural health.

Natural Health has been designed as a free information base for all things related to natural health. You will find information on natural health products, as well as techniques and ways of life inspired by the pursuit of natural health.

Travelling abroad

Himalayan Kingdoms. Holidays offered can range from climbing a trekking peak such as Mera Peak or Island Peak, a classic trek to Everest Base Camp or Machu Picchu, to a gentle walking adventure through rolling foothills. A large selection of 'Gentle Treks' in Nepal, Bhutan, Peru and Cambodia is now offered amongst other destinations worldwide.

Your Rights

U.P.M.A.R.T. is an organisation that can teach you as an individual, if you live in Australia*, to assert and claim the legal right you already have to real freedom. Even though the authorities do not try to claim that they can make vaccination compulsory they succeed in misleading many to believe that our rights in respect to vaccination and other medical and financial matters are far less than they are. Very importantly, where they are being violated they can be (re)claimed, by reference to our inherited and unchangeable higher laws (e.g. common law and natural law), which protect against tyranny. Become truly empowered!

* This is not saying that you do not have these rights in other countries too - it's just that U.P.M.A.R.T. does not yet have the resources to expand out of Australia.


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