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“If the people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson



Your right of informed choice



NSW Health is trying to force staff in most (health) work areas, and students of those professions, to be vaccinated.


This policy (published 1 Feb 2007), which violates our own Federal Constitution, is at


Sign the following petition to help ensure that NO-ONE in this country, while exercising their right to “free choice of employment” (Article 23 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights), is denied the right to "security of person" (Article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights):


Then email this page to all you know and ask them to sign the petition too. Even most of those who are unaware of the ineffectiveness and dangers of vaccines would respect the right of others to refuse them.

This policy is not lawful, so do not assume that there is nothing else you can do other than signing petitions and writing letters pleading with those individuals in power to change it. You, as an individual, have the power to defend your own rights by legally challenging the policy without having to pay large sums to lawyers. We are just completing a common law notice for you to use to protect both of your above rights.

If you need to use such a notice in your own employment, EMAIL me, with the subject "Right to refuse vaccines - common law notice"

If you would like to be empowered to learn how to write such powerful notices yourself and unite with others to FORCE a change to this and other policies, click here to attend a common law workshop.


Your right of refusal

You have a fundamental human AND common law right (common law is applicable in Britain and all former British colonies, including the U.S.) to be free to refuse any medical procedure

In Britain and all former British colonies other than the U.S. (including Australia, NZ and Canada), national Constitutions and state laws respect this right (though Queensland's do not make specific reference to it). This includes in relation to school and child care entry. Contrary to what many people believe, in respect to enrolment the statute laws (i.e. those passed by Parliament, which are themselves lower laws than the Constitution and common law) only require schools to ask for information on vaccination status, and even if you do not provide any records, the school still cannot refuse enrolment on that basis. If a school official tells you otherwise he/she is either ignorant or lying to you, or you misinterpreted his/her request. Education is compulsory. Medical procedures are definitely NOT. Please make other parents, too, aware that they have this freedom. Paragraph (7) of the following section of legislation explicitly protects your right in NSW:

(Relevant only to Australia:) You can also get the full childcare and maternity allowances if you submit a conscientious exemption form to Centrelink. Forms are available from Centrelink, Medicare, probably also from your doctor, or you can print one off from: An "immunisation" provider (doctor usually) is supposed to sign the form before you submit it, in order to record that he/she has gone through with you all the purported risks of not vaccinating. That's all the doctor's signature means, nothing else, as the law correctly views this decision as yours, not the doctor's. So stand up for the truth and your rights, and be strong and prepared in the face of obstructions and/or lies that you may be confronted with. Past examples include:

  • "Oh, we've run out of those forms" - Centrelink staff

  • "Your child has to be fully vaccinated to get this payment" - Centrelink staff, and

  • "I won't sign that form because that would mean I would be endorsing your decision and I could be sued" - a medical doctor who also then refused to have any discussion of the subject and proceeded to instruct a nurse who, before the mother knew what was happening, jabbed the child in the mother's arms. The mother had chosen not to continue vaccinating after she had observed that the child had fallen sick after each previous lot of vaccines. He had greatly improved once he received treatment from an alternative practitioner, but after this vaccine he quickly became sick again and was hospitalised three times.

The Australian Federal Constitution protects the common law rights we have inherited from England (including those protected in the Magna Carta 1297, Bill of Rights 1688, Petition of Rights 1627, etc) and only gives power to governments to "provide", i.e. make available, medical services, not to enforce them. The nature of the Constitution is that "what (power) is not granted to the Parliament... is denied to it." "For the truth is the supreme, absolute and uncontrollable authority remains with the people." (Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth, Quick and Garran, pps 346 and 286 resp.)

In the U.S. (where in most states vaccination is theoretically compulsory for school entry) laws in those states that are restrictive in respect even to religious exemption and laws in Mississippi or West Virginia that are more restrictive still - not even allowing any religious exemption, are lower laws - they do not override your fundamental human and common law right to refuse any medical procedure. So do not be misled by these laws into thinking you do not have that right, or cannot legally defend it - for your child's and their children's sake, stand up for your rights

For more information on each US state's philosophical, religious and other exemptions that enable you to more easily claim your right not to vaccinate, see If the exemptions available under statute law would deny you your freedom, and you need more assistance than what is provided by that site, feel free to email us and we will (if and when our time permits) help you stand up for your rights.  

If you are in West Virginia there is a push (end 2003) to reverse the law refusing religious exemption - join the freedom fighters. Your forefathers fought vigorously for your freedom and founded your nation in the name of it. Will you let it slip away (or in this case remain away) without a fight?

By the way, if you are in the U.S. and you are concerned about your rights in respect to vaccination, or any other health choice for that matter, you should consider voting for Dr Ron Paul, who, to my knowledge is the only presidential candidate who would push to stop government interference in such health choices and decisions in recognition that they belong entirely with YOU. And this is an obstetrics and gynecology doctor. See Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Dangerous Vaccines

Your right to information

As stated by the High Court of Australia in its decision in the case of Rogers vs Whitaker (1992) (175 CLR 479), "choice is, in reality, meaningless unless it is made on the basis of relevant information and advice". The court then proceeded to rule that all providers of a medical procedure have a legal duty of care to warn of all risks of a material nature of that procedure from the perspective of the patient and even if the patient does not ask (except in such exceptional circumstances as an emergency).

Even in the U.S. there is a theoretical principal of "informed consent". The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), passed in 1986, requires that all health care providers who administer vaccines containing diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b and varicella must provide a "Vaccine Information Statement" (VIS) to the vaccine recipient, their parent or legal guardian prior to each dose.  A VIS must be given with every vaccination including each dose in a multi-dose series and each VIS is purported to contain a brief description of the disease as well as the risks and benefits of the vaccine.

Unfortunately, in reality, these VISs, developed by the CDC, tell you virtually nothing about the host of serious adverse effects that are well documented in medical research in respect to the various vaccines. However the fact that the government is paying lip service at all to the principle of "informed consent" shows that you have that right and that you can legally stand up for it.

So, again, please do not waste the great sacrifices of your forefathers, made for your benefit.

Value and stand up for your rights, for the sake of yourself, your children and your fellow countrymen today and your descendants tomorrow.

Even though I am not American myself, I really do cry for America (not to mention our other countries that are following "behind" America down the same path) as I remain so mindful of the wonderful dreams and ideals on which the nation was founded and initially developed, led by great men such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and other politicians who really did have strong integrity, a genuine care and respect for human life and a deep commitment to the preservation of freedom. 

John Adams said the following: "Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it."

Unfortunately, I think that John Adams must now be doing a fair bit of that repenting in heaven

Your rights are increasingly being denied. Why?

An example

A story that appeared in the UK Daily Mail on 8th June 2007 was the following: The scandal of the baby snatchers.

In summary, this is the story of a couple in the UK who had a baby, soon after which, without warning, social workers barged in to their home, took their baby, left, and are now advertising their baby for adoption. The only "excuse" given was that the father's son suffered 8 years ago from the injuries which at that time (but certainly are not any more) automatically attributed to "shaken baby" syndrome. See The father was never charged, and he and his son's birth mother were granted, and still have, joint custody of his (same) son. The social workers disappeared until he had this new baby with his new wife. The enthusiasm of councils to take babies and adopt them arises in particular from Tony Blair's policy of setting councils adoption targets with high financial rewards attached.

So how can the State be allowed to take your child when you have not even been charged, let alone proven, to have done anything wrong?

The reason

As Aesop said 2600 years ago, "Any excuse will serve a tyrant."

It is important for as many people as possible to understand why such horrific behaviour is happening if there is any chance for it to be stopped.

There is an elite global unofficial "government" increasingly extending its control over the whole globe. (Ever heard of the "New World Order"?) Hence the move towards privatisation and globalisation. It meets in secret (e.g. Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, etc) and acts behind the scenes.

This unofficial government includes the prominent wealthiest families in the world such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Carnegies, etc. They are the primary owners of the major industries – banking, oil, arms, pharmaceutical, etc. It also controls the media - owning all the news outlets such as AAP, Reuters.

For generations (part of it going back centuries) it has been increasing its wealth and power by bringing about such events as wars (including WWI and WWII), in which it has funded both sides, revolutions, including French and Russian, and violent acts, controlling the global economy (e,g. stock market collapse in 1929), and repeatedly disseminating all kinds of (seemingly unrelated) propaganda that serve their agenda (e.g. the effectiveness and safety of vaccines). It decided that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would happen and how it would make them happen. It controls who gets into power, and decided Tony Blair would be PM long before the British people did. These statements are not stabs in the dark. The truth is properly documented and available to anyone who takes the time to research it, which most people do not.

This unofficial "government" is deliberately moving the planet towards a totally collectivist, feudal, tyrannical system (via the corporate world) with you as nothing but serfs working for them, the lords of the manor.

Part of its agenda is to break up families and directly control the raising of children. That is why Blair implemented that adoption policy. He was serving his real masters. The same trend is occurring in other countries.

Our so-called democratically-elected governments for years have, step-by-step, been increasingly surrendering their nation’s sovereignty, and taking direction from this world government, denying you your own sovereignty. The reduction of your freedoms has been accelerated particularly recently under the guise of protecting you from the ever-present hidden “terrorism” spectre. David Rockefeller himself once said: "We are on the verge of a Global Transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nation will accept the New World Order".

This is why our prime ministers and presidents "bravely" make decisions that everyone knows is against the will of the people (e.g. sending troups to Iraq, implementing Draconian "anti-terrorism" laws that remove the presumption of innocence). Their real masters are not the people whom they are supposed to be representing.

What you must do about it

The enemy of this unofficial "government" is the threat of the truth being widely known before the unofficial government has so much control that it doesn’t matter any more, and its weapons against this, apart from control of the media, vary depending upon who the people are who are trying to issue the warning.

Outspoken people who are not famous get labelled “conspiracy theorists”. That’s enough to get what they say dismissed no matter how well they can back up what they try to tell you.

With charismatic, mass influential people, such as JFK (and many others, including John Lennon and back in 1794, Robespierre) a very permanent, reliable solution has to be implemented. Listen to JFK’s warning here: Many others in between have not been killed but effectively powerfully silenced by threats which they will not reveal.

It is vital that you research this and stand up for your rights before this unofficial "government" succeeds in controlling the internet too, the last bastion of free speech (which may not be long now), and becomes effectively the official government which it aims to do ultimately through the U.N. (Yes, guess who funded the United Nations building in New York?)

“22 Steps to Global Tyranny” by Graham Strachan gives an overall guide to what is happening. He wrote that book almost 10 years ago and several more of the 22 steps have since been implemented. “The Money Masters” on Google video gives an excellent historical background. “The Corporation” also on Google video will also help highlight the ways by which our sovereignty is being denied. If you want to know how you can take a stand to preserve your sovereignty in your own country, email with the subject "How can I preserve my sovereignty?"


If you live in Australia you also have the opportunity right NOW to attend workshops in which you can

learn more about common law so you can stand up for your (and others') rights in any situation




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