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General information brochures

NOTES:   1) Both of these brochures are A4 book-folded to DL size. So when the pages are viewed unfolded, the order of the panels as they would be read after folding is that page 1 contains panels 5, 6 and 1 respectively, while page 2 contains panels 2, 3 and 4.

2) These brochures are in .pdf format, for which you need Adobe Acrobat reader. This can be downloaded for free from

3) We have printed these brochures in very large quantities, to make the printing of them as cheap as it would be to photocopy them, but with the added benefits that they are on good quality paper and in colour, so it does not make sense for you to print or photocopy them, hence we ask you not to do that.

    The purchase price is higher than the printing cost because a lot of work went into their creation - this is the same reason that books cost far more to purchase than their printing cost. However because we are keen to get the vaccination truth out far and wide, we will make special concessions in special circumstances, if we are satisfied that the purchaser is worse off financially than we currently are (which is virtually impossible!) or if they are very supportive of our work in other ways.

PRICE: Each brochure is A$0.50 per copy, or if ordering from overseas, US$0.50 per copy

Please distribute these widely! (Note: NO mass photocopying please.

          We would prefer to give them to you for the same cost as photocopying them!)


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"POISONED" brochure

This brochure is designed to be suitable for enlightening people who do not know before picking up the brochure that it is about vaccination (or do know, but aren't getting the message when it is provided more subtlely!).

By avoiding the use of the "V" word to start with, the idea is to avoid all the prejudices that come with it based on the myths that have been enground into us all these years, and allow common sense to dominate.

When one sees what vaccines consist of without this falsely associative "V" (or more misleading, the "I", i.e. "immunisation") word, their true nature and already estimable effect becomes obvious from the outset. Brews of poisons don't do magic or bring health benefits, they just harm our bodies, particularly when they are directly injected - that's why they are called "poisons"! And it is happening on MASS.

"CONFUSION" brochure

This brochure is softer in its approach for those who will be aware in advance that it will be about vaccination and will likely be sensitive to the highly charged word "POISONED" that is prominent in the other brochure, e.g. parents who have already given some vaccines.

It also specifically addresses those questions that are frequently asked by parents who are in the pains of making this decision.

(As you can see it still informs at the outset that vaccines consist of poisons - it is vital that parents are fully mindful of what we are talking about here!)




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