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N.B. Any donation is, of course, greatly appreciated as we do not receive funding from the government and our finances are extremely strained.

Price of video/DVD "Vaccination: The Hidden Truth" 

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NB: SPECIAL OFFER! If you order one or more DVDs, you can also have as many copies in the VHS video tape format for just $5* each, including postage! The content of the VHS video tape is the same as the DVD, it is just in VHS video-tape format.

(*A$5 within Australia, US$5 to outside Australia)


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If you wish to pay by cheque or money order (or cash):

Please send your payment (adding $10 or the equivalent if it is a USD or other foreign cheque) to:-

 Vaccination Information Service                    

 P.O. Box 4, Turramurra NSW 2074 Australia. 

You might, in this case, still like to fill in the relevant fields below, print this page and include it with your payment, so that you can speedily provide all the details without having to compose a letter.

If you wish to pay by credit card but would prefer to order over the telephone:

Call +61 2 9144 6625. If you are not in Australia, please be conscious of the different time zones and try to call during waking hours in Sydney, Australia (London time +11 hours = US EST +16 hours during northern hemisphere winter, London time + 9 hours = US EST +14 hours during northern hemisphere summer).

If the telephone is answered by an answering service you can securely leave your details with that service, but please leave your telephone number so that you can be called back for clarification.





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