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Robyn Cosford MBBS (Hons), FACNEM (Fellow of the Aust. College of Nutritional & Environmental Med.)

Dr Robyn Cosford graduated from Sydney University with an Honours degree in medicine. She has received extensive postgraduate training in homoeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, kinesiology, "tapping techniques", and possesses a Diploma in Nutrition. She is the recipient of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' Medal for Community Medicine.

Dr Cosford is both Founder and Director of Northern Beaches Care Centre, a non-profit multidisciplinary centre ministering to the whole person, body, mind and spirit, using primarily complementary medicine.

As a mother of five children, and with two Down's Syndrome children in the close family, Dr Cosford has developed an interest in the welfare of children, in particular, the assessment and treatment of children's learning, behavioural, and developmental difficulties using complementary medicine. She also has a keen interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, having suffered from this herself. She lectures regularly to health professionals, at conferences and on radio.


Mark Donohoe MBBS, FASEM (Fellow of the Aust. Society of Environmental Med.)

Dr Mark Donohoe graduated from Sydney University in 1980, and has been a general practitioner for the past 18 years. His practice is specialised in allergy and environmental medicine, and has led him to see a large number of patients suffering from adverse effects of medical interventions, including vaccination.

Dr Donohoe was a founding member and first president of the Australian Comprehensive Medicine Association (ACMA) from 1994 to 1997. The aim of ACMA was to encourage the integration of appropriate alternative practices into mainstream medicine.

He is a member of the international editorial board of FACT (Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies), a British review journal assessing the evidence base for alternative health practices.

He has authored a number of papers on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in the medical literature, and has been active in medical research since 1992.

David Ritchie M.D.

Dr David Ritchie is Director of the innovative holistic health centre in Christchurch, Novalis Clinic, and teaches holistic medicine at the Sophia College in Brunswick, Perth. He is a very experienced general practitioner with speciality in child developmental issues. He is also a practising doctor and a highly gifted lecturer and teacher of anthroposophical medicine. He lectures internationally and publishes in the field of child development and immunity.

He is currently completing a Masters Research degree on asthma and child development. 


Isaac Golden PhD (MA) D.Hom, ND, B.Ec(Hon), author "Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives".

Dr Isaac Golden is one of Australia's most experienced homoeopathic practitioners, lecturers and authors. He is principal of the Australian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy which offers an accredited professional correspondence course in Homoeopathy. He is homoeopathic coordinator at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine. He was President of the Victorian branch of the Australian Homoeopathic Association from 1992-1998.

He is the author of five books on homoeopathy, and is an internationally recognised authority on homoeopathic prophylaxis. Isaac specialises in constitutional and anti-miasmic (chronic disease) treatment, and the treatment of past traumas which often lie behind physical conditions.


Archie Kalokerinos M.D.

In the 1970's a major contribution was made to medicine by Archie Kalokerinos, M.D. who spent many years working as a health officer among the Australian aborigines. He discovered the disastrous effect of vaccination programs on the Aboriginal infant mortality (which in some areas approached 50%), and as a result of observing this, the life-saving effect of Vitamin C. Consequently, he was able to virtually abolish infant mortality. He was shocked to find his findings and success ignored or derided by his colleagues – while the children in their care continued to die. His experiences culminated in the authorship of "Every Second Child", which is both a medical detective story and a revelation of professional stubbornness and callousness.

As a result of his work, Dr. Kalokerinos was awarded the Australian Medal of Merit in 1978, and was recently awarded Greek Australian of the Century. He recently wrote an autobiography entitled "Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century".


Viera Scheibner Ph.D. Has studied over 100000 pages of medical research, and authored "Vaccination" and "Behavioural Problems in Childhood – the Link to Vaccination"

Dr Viera Scheibner is Principal Research Scientist (Retired) with a doctorate in Natural Sciences from Comenius University in Bratislava. After an eminent scientific career in micropalaeontology during which she published 3 books and some 90 scientific papers in refereed scientific journals in Australia and overseas, she studied babies’ breathing patterns with the Cotwatch breathing monitor developed by her late husband Leif Karlsson in the mid 1980s. Babies had alarms after vaccination, indicating stress. This introduced her to the subject of vaccination. She then started systematically studying orthodox medical papers dealing with vaccination issues. To this day she has collected and studied more than 100000 pages of medical papers.

Despite such extensive research of orthodox medical papers published on vaccines over the past 100 years, she established that there is no scientific evidence that these injections of highly noxious substances prevent diseases, quite to the contrary, that they increase susceptibility to the diseases which the vaccines are supposed to prevent and also to a host of related and unrelated viral and bacterial infections. Vaccines are involved in a great number of modern ills of childhood such as immunoreactive diseases (asthma, allergies), autoimmune diseases (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosis), cancers, leukaemia, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, behavioural and learning problems, to mention just the most important conditions.

Her research into vaccination has culminated so far in two books and a number of shorter and longer individual papers published in a variety of scientific and medical publications. She has also conducted frequent international lecture tours to present the results of her research to parents, health and medical professionals and anyone else who is interested. She has also provided a great number of expert witness reports for court cases relating to deaths and injuries caused by vaccines, such as so-called "shaken baby” syndrome.


Greg Beattie  Father of seven children, and author of "Vaccination - A Parent's Dilemma"

Greg Beattie is the father of seven children. His extensive research into vaccination began after his first child was almost hospitalised with measles 3 weeks after the measles vaccine. In 1994, he founded the Vaccination Information Network Qld. Inc, (which later became the Australian Vaccination Network Inc.) and was editor of "The Vine" for its first 2 ˝ years. In 1996, he received national media attention when he initiated a formal hearing of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission over the discrimination against unvaccinated children in child care. The presiding commissioner, William Carter Q.C., described him as having "almost an encyclopaedic knowledge of the literature." This hearing is summarised on the video and described in detail in his book ("Vaccination - A Parent's Dilemma")


Pauline Rose R.N. MNSWNA. Nut. MANTA

Pauline Rose is a registered Independent Nurse consultant with post graduate training in Tropical Medicine, Neurosurgery and Environmental Medicine.

She has worked extensively in complementary medicine and has advanced training in the Listen System.

She is Clinical Director of the Complementary and Ecological Centre in Sydney, an integrated clinic concentrating on the holistic approach to medicine using the latest technology from around the world. Pauline specialises in environmental and bioenergetic medicine and advises clients in the management of allergies, pesticides and chemical toxicity, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, immune system related disorders, digestive and irritable bowel syndrome, vitamin and nutritional assessment, dental compatibility medicine and long-term longevity (or anti-ageing) programs.


Peter Baratosy MBBS (Adelaide), Dipl. Acupuncture, Dipl. Clinical Hypnotherapy,
Member of the International Lasertherapy Association, author "There is Always an Alternative", "Vaccination: It's your informed choice" and "Can you really believe what your doctor tells you?".

Dr Peter Baratosy graduated in orthodox medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1979. Once he entered general practice in 1985 he became increasingly disillusioned with the concept of "modern medicine", as it was producing serious problems. He started to seek out alternatives, and studied various modalities including acupuncture, homoeopathy and hypnotherapy. He has incorporated these and other modalities into his practice. He describes various such modalities in his book ("There is Always an Alternative").




Ian Sinclair Dipl. Nutr., Dipl Ther. Mass. Australian natural health lecturer and author of "Vaccination - The Hidden Facts", "Health - The Only Immunity" and "You can overcome Asthma".

In 1985, Ian's son was hospitalised following his first vaccinations. Ian spent the next six years researching vaccination, and uncovered massive amounts of scientific and medical evidence clearly proving that vaccines played no part whatsoever in the decline of infectious disease; that vaccines are neither safe or effective; that vaccine information given out by Health Departments is fraudulent and misleading, and what the true motives are behind vaccination. based on. He now focuses on teaching the Natural Health philosophy showing the beneficial nature of acute illness, how to manage it and how to maintain children in peak physical health.



Bronwyn Hancock B.Sc., Cert. Nutr.   Producer of this video and author "Vaccination - A Fatal Error".

Bronwyn obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Macquarie University in Sydney (1979-1981) in which she obtained A grades in all analytical subjects. She then applied these skills to work as a computer analyst/programmer for 14 years before switching, initially in her spare time, to the analysis of vaccination research. This came about as a result of her long-time passion for teaching others what does, and does not, bring and maintain good health. She works in association with Dr Viera Scheibner and now provides the Vaccination Information Service full-time to bring to the awareness of the public what is well published in the depths of medical research about this procedure, but is generally not studied or at least brought to the attention of the public by doctors or the media, due, it would seem, to the heavy influence of the "health", rather sickness, industry.


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