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Why no vaccination is ever safe

"Well, my child's had lots of vaccines and he/she's fine."

Bronwyn Hancock January 2005

Many parents do not get warned about the ineffectiveness and toxic, harmful nature of vaccines until after they have already allowed their children to receive some vaccine doses.

A minority of vaccinated children have no noticeable signs of any current health problem. On being warned of vaccine dangers, their parents, having not researched the subject at this stage enough to realise that the vaccines do not even work, can reason “Well he/she has had several/a lot of vaccines up to now and is fine so I can’t see there could be a danger to him/her, or my younger children, to have any more.” If you are in this position and are tempted to feel this way, the reasoning may seem logical on the surface but there are some important facts (apart from the ineffectiveness of vaccines) of which you are not aware or mindful and which you need to consider:

1) How do you know?

You cannot be sure that your child is not already affected. Can you possibly know what he/she would have been like had he/she not been vaccinated? Of course not. The vaccines could have easily caused a slight lowering of his/her IQ, for example (as a lasting effect of encephalitis of which the outward sign may only have been something like irritability for a short period after vaccination), and you wouldn’t even know.

Also your child may have a mild or serious health and/or behavioural problem from vaccination and you are so used to it you do not consider it, or its possible link to vaccination. (SO many times, parents have told us that their vaccinated children are "fine", and then it turns out that they have a condition such as asthma!)

2) Russian Roulette.

Needless to say, no parent would want to play Russian Roulette with their child(ren)’s health and life. You may have been fortunate with the vaccine batches from which your child(ren) received vaccines up to this point. HOWEVER, there is a lack of level of control over the level of the various toxic ingredients in vaccines from one batch to the next. This problem is well acknowledged by manufacturers to the point that they have a term for batches that have been identified to be more highly toxic than others and as a result causing a higher level of damage among recipients – they call them “hot lots”. That identification only happens of course after the batch is released to the public and a lot of children just like yours receive vaccinations from it and are damaged.

Further to this, you would like to think that when a “hot lot” is identified that batch would be immediately recalled. Hopefully that happens at least some of the time(?), BUT we know that it certainly does not happen all the time: In a recent Irish case (Best v Wellcome Foundation) the judge ruled that it was a bad batch of the whooping cough vaccine that caused the victim to develop permanent brain damage. The victim’s mother, Mrs Best, located and presented to court the pharmaceutical company's internal memo stating that one particular batch of the three in one vaccine given to her son was a particularly reactogenic batch with a directive not to send all of it to the same area but disperse it so that there is no clustering of deaths and other serious side effects. This happens also in Australia.

Would you feel comfortable with putting your child(ren)’s life into the hands of an industry that you discover does not care about the health of your children, but only about its profit margins? Your doctor may be mean well, BUT guess who sponsors his/her training, AND whenever doctors strike, the death rate drops (

3) Time bomb.

Your child is still young. Vaccination involves the injection of viruses – both the human ones and animal contaminants, deep into the system past the outer levels of defence. The damage they can then cause may slowly develop over a long period, or alternatively the viruses can remain dormant for many years and then cause, say a brain tumour (in the case of the SV40 monkey virus) even decades later. This knowledge may be frightening, but isn’t it better to know this now than after a later vaccine that could have caused that exact problem? It is ONLY where ignorance is bliss that it is folly to be wise. This is obviously not a situation in which ignorance would necessarily be bliss, quite the contrary. Ignorance of this is very dangerous, particularly since, with alternate therapies, you may even be able to turn off the clock on any such time bomb that is already clicking.

4) Susceptibility increases with each dose.

Each vaccine sensitises the recipient to future doses. So a child typically may have no reaction to the first dose, a mild one to the next, and severe damage from the next (or go from no reaction to severe next time).

5) We're all individuals.

Each person is different so is inherently more or less susceptible to vaccines generally and/more or less susceptible to different vaccines. In some families the older children have been OK and the younger ones vaccine-damaged – you cannot make any assumptions based on how well your other children have coped.

Remember: "The only wholly safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used."

                     Dr James A Shannon

...and think: For just whose benefit would you be taking this risk? Your child's, or company  shareholders, for whose benefit only all companies, including pharmaceutical companies, exist?


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