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Vaccination is a controversial procedure in view of the fact that:

-       on the one hand,

    it is very heavily promoted as purportedly the only "safe and effective" way to protect our children, our animals and ourselves from harm from the targeted infectious diseases, yet

-       on the other hand,

    it involves the direct, deeply invasive injection of substances,

    those substances include many that are known to be noxious (some of those included deliberately and some not deliberately), of which some are included deliberately in order to sensitise the immune system

    it is an irreversible procedure, and

    it is acknowledged, on account of its invasive and noxious nature, to be damaging, sometimes even fatally, including to previously very healthy people.

Vaccination is not mandatory in Australia, where the inalienable right to life, liberty and security of person is upheld.

The pharmaceutical industry is not a charity, but shareholder focused (by law, in fact), so it cannot be assumed that the health of the public is foremost in its vaccine marketing strategy. Nor can it be assumed that the government is not influenced, directly or indirectly, by that marketing.

For all of these reasons, particularly its invasiveness and irreversibility, the vaccination decision is one that cannot afford to be taken lightly, or based on any hearsay or assumptions, both of which abound in respect to this issue more than any other medical issue.

Vaccination Information Service exists with the aim of bringing together, in a totally unbiased way, information and scientific research about all of the relevant aspects of vaccination, and make it available in a form that is easy to assimilate. For conclusions to be unbiased they must not be swayed by any vested interest or pre-judgment, but merely by the evidence available (in combination with logical, non-assumptive reasoning).

Accordingly, the ARTICLES on this site seek to address the following issues:

  • What the risks of the diseases vs risks of vaccines?

  • What are the ingredients in vaccines?

  • Do vaccines deserve all, some, or any, of the credit for the past century's triumph over the scourge of infectious diseases?

  • How effective, if at all, are vaccines in preventing harm from infectious diseases?

  • What are the known and potential adverse events of vaccines?

  • Do childhood infectious diseases benefit a child's development? That is, should the goal be avoidance of exposure, or robust health and good disease management when it occurs?

  • Can vaccine damage be countered to some extent, or is it totally irreversible?

  • What are the keys to good health and protection from harm that may be caused by infections?

  • What can, or must, you do to protect your inalienable right to refuse this invasive procedure?


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View/share video "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" online for just US$3.50!

"Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" DVD

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