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Call to alternative practitioners

or anyone else interested in educating others about vaccination.

Welcome to the Vaccination Information Service site and thank you for taking the time to check it out!.

If you are an alternative practitioner you are in the special position of being respected as an authority in health by your patients while being relatively free of the far-reaching political influence of the pharmaceutical industry, reflected in the description a medical doctor gave of his position as being "in the straight jacket of medical politics."

We live in a profit-driven world, in which we are constantly being peddled products and services that are claimed to bring us great benefit. Because of the financial benefit to the seller from doing so, funding is only put into telling us how good all these products and services are supposed to be. What if, in truth though, a product is not good, or even harmful? Who would get any financial benefit out of employing someone to be in the occupation of independently researching this and reporting any such findings?

No-one of course. Hence almost the entire population has been led to believe that vaccination is a wonderful, safe and effective procedure, and there are only a few of us who have taken on the immense challenge of doing a proper critical study of the medical research and bringing to the people an awareness of the truth, using our own personal limited funds, and with almost all avenues for doing so blocked by vested interests, augmented by a lack of cooperation from those who have most successfully been misinformed.

You, on your own, and perhaps very powerfully in combination with other alternative practitioners, are in the best position of all professions to be able to help save many more lives through assisting us to bring an awareness about this vital subject to the community at large, and perhaps even, with the support of your patients and others in your communities, exerting some political influence to help protect the public from the mandatory vaccination programs in the US, which are criminal in every sense of the word (even though exemptions are usually available).

If this rings a chord with you, so would be happy to receive any future relevant information from us about any creative projects and/or lecture tours and/or new resources (books, articles, brochures, etc) available and/or brief questionnaires, all designed to help us work towards the vital goal of getting the truth much further out into the community (and/or help you learn more yourself), then...

please fill in the section below, so that even if you do not order the video/DVD or brochures or other books etc available on this site, we will still have your contact details on record for the above purpose.

However we do also, of course, strongly encourage you not only to acquire a copy of the video/DVD, which is a very fast and user-friendly way to inform (you and) your patients about vaccination, but also to acquire a bunch of general information brochures which you can hand to them personally and/or have on your front desk. You might feel you need the brochures you view here to be modified slightly to be more suitable for your own community, in which case, please give us that feedback below - this would be likely quite easy but we need to roughly know the numbers we would need to print.

Also, you may like to order a video/DVD and/or other item(s) but do not wish to pay by credit card. Please let us know if this applies in your case because whilst the advertisement in The Chiropractic Choice states that only payments by credit card will be accepted, we may be able to process a payment made by a different method (without your having to add US$8 to cover the cost of converting a check in USD to AUD, which of course is always an option if you are willing to bear that cost).

If you are wanting to order the video/DVD, other books, brochures etc, and/or to make a donation, you do not need to fill in this form - instead just submit the form that is on the ORDER page.

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If you would like to have a bunch of suitable brochures for your patients, please tell us what modifications you need to the general information brochures available now.

If you would like to place an order but do not wish to pay by credit card, please tell us what other method(s) would suit you.

If you have any other enquiries and/or feedback, please enter the details here.



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