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"Vaccination: The Hidden Truth" video/DVD speakers and selected quotes:

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Video presenter: BRONWYN HANCOCK (Producer)
Scientist, Health Educator, Vaccine Researcher

Bronwyn takes us through the whole subject in a logical sequential flow, explaining the basics of "The Hidden Truth" and bringing in the following speakers to show some of the evidence for it, illustrate it and expand on it.

"To summarise in broad terms, instead of resulting in prophylaxis, meaning prevention, all responses to vaccines actually fall under the broad umbrella of anaphylaxis, which means sensitisation, the OPPOSITE of immunisation".



"..Dillon started to convulse in my wife’s arms...I just felt so helpless"

"...I rang Poison’s Information ...and they said, ‘Under no circumstances is any formaldehyde to be administered in a child’s body’ ..."

Homoeopath, Teacher, Author "Vaccination: A Review of Risks and Alternatives"

"... [my daughter’s] symptoms were intensifying after each vaccine...So I wrote to the governments and got figures..."

"I realised there was a lot of information that we were being told... which wasn’t true..."

Medical Doctor, Author "Every Second Child", recently pronounced Greek Australian of the Century

"...So it was obvious that I, and every other doctor for that matter, had been grossly misled."

"...It was clearly shown that the only people who got smallpox TWICE were the vaccinated..."

"...You can be LOADED with antibodies and still get the disease, and even DIE from the disease..."

"When the AIDS epidemic started ... antibodies, instead of meaning protection, meant that you were doomed. So this concept of antibodies that we were taught as students is wrong...."

"...Our use of vaccines is not based on good science."

Medical Doctor

"They say openly in the [medical] legal system that if you advise against vaccination the A.M.A. will push to deregister."

"…These are symptoms that if they were seen in a child who had not just been vaccinated, all us doctors would be a little concerned that this child perhaps had a type of viral meningitis. We wouldn’t just sit back and say ‘That’s fine. Take some Panadol and it will go away.’ "

Principle Research Scientist (Ret.), Cotwatch Monitor researcher, has studied almost 100000 pages of orthodox medical research on vaccination, Author "Vaccination – 100 years of Orthodox Research shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System"

"It took over three years of research before we looked at each other and said "Vaccines are killing babies".

"It is a well documented fact that the incidence and mortality from infectious diseases fell by 90% well before any vaccine was even introduced..."

"...This is not a rare occurrence. Epidemics in fully vaccinated populations are a rule rather than an exception..."

"...So [in the U.S.] they mandated vaccination and it resulted in a three-fold increase in whooping cough..."

Parent, Founder "Vaccine Information for Parents"

"She was a very healthy little child, until she received her first vaccination... eczema... asthma... allergies..."

Medical Doctor, Author "There is Always An Alternative"

"Babies are injected with bits of animal, bacteria, viral DNA. They can be incorporated into the human genome..."

"Why is it that only since the 40s have autism, brain damage come about? Because this was when immunisation was introduced to a large extent..."

"Vaccines are a billion dollar industry, and there are at least a billion good reasons there why it’s continued."

Registered Dog Breeder:

"Even once they’ve stopped vaccinating, residue results through infertility, arthritic conditions,... dogs have one length of the length of a generation that a human does, so what we are seeing in dogs today is what we will see in the future with humans, and that’s a really frightening thing."

Independent Nurse Consultant, LISTEN System Practitioner

"Measles had been dying out in Europe, then they started vaccination and it rose again, and the thing that had cured measles was better nutrition programs..."

"The LISTEN system is an electronic screening device..."

"The younger the patient, and the more recent the vaccine, the quicker the response."

"I had a man in here who was an autistic epileptic, ...and he’s improved dramatically." 

Medical doctor, Clinical Researcher, Past President Aust. Comprehensive Medicine Assoc.:

"This concept that unvaccinated children are some kind of typhoid Mary is rubbish, just rubbish..."

"We may have lost the plot here - we now have a sicker group of children in the community..."

"It may be that you only get one chance to make one big mistake... because of the number of people vaccinated if you introduce a pathogen... in a route that the body does not have protection against"

"There are doctors who disparagingly say ‘There are some parents who think that just having a healthy child is good enough’. Well the truth is it IS good enough."

NZ Medical doctor

"...So by these...changes in definition, the rate of polio dropped dramatically in the 1960s."

"…So maybe these [childhood] illnesses have a role in childhood..."

Natural Health Lecturer, Author "Vaccination: The Hidden Facts"

"Before he [Louis Pasteur - the ‘father of modern medicine’ and originator of the Germ Theory of disease] died, he changed his mind. He ended up saying it’s not the germ, but the conditions within the body..."

Father of 7 children, Author "Vaccination: A Parent’s Dilemma"

"They don’t tell us that if your child misses the whooping cough vaccine it is less likely to develop asthma, ...measles vaccine...inflammatory bowel disease, Hepatitis B or Hib vaccine ...diabetes, ...rubella vaccine ...arthritis..."

"I call it a cultural trance ..."

"Most health experts... very rarely read their own professional journals - most of them are so busy..."

"We believe health is not bought in a bottle or a syringe. Health is a direct result of healthful living, and natural health, there is no other sort."

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