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Dangers and Ineffectiveness of Vaccines

Video of a talk by

Dr Viera Scheibner (one of the speakers on the "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" video)

This two-hour video was recorded at a public address in Maroochydore, Queensland, given by Dr Scheibner in November 1994. She bases her talks on a systematic display of medical journal articles by which she demonstrates:

      The link between cot death (sudden infant death syndrome) and vaccination. She also presents the low-volume breathing data captured by the Cotwatch breathing monitor, developed by her late husband. It was the collection and analysis of this data over 3 years that forced them to make the link of vaccines to cot death in the first place.

      The ineffectiveness of vaccines. She points out the scientific flaws in trials purporting to show effectiveness of vaccines and shows other research which openly demonstrate their true, opposite (sensitisation) effect.

      The dangers of vaccination, including autoimmune diseases, brain damage and death, as quite openly admitted in some published papers;

She also discusses the criteria for establishing a causal link between a procedure and an event that follows it.

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